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Mark Hamzy's Home Page

Mark Hamzy
2530 Vernell Way
Round Rock, TX 78664
(512) 799-4269

OSes:          OS/2, Windows, Linux: Red Hat, SuSe, Mandrake
Architectures: Intel, Power PC
Languages:     C, C++, Intel Assembly, Java, Python, XML, Bash, Makefile, Haskell

Mar 1993 - current  International Business Machines
Sep 1991 - Mar 1993 The Experts / Additional Technical Support, Inc.
Feb 1990 - Aug 1990 Modular Computer Systems
Aug 1989 - Dec 1989 Los Alamos National Labratory

IBM / The Experts
      Worked on Presentation Manager Printer drivers
            Fixed bugs
            Added new devices
            Added new features
         Plotter, Postscript, IBM
            Fixed bugs
            Created to replace Epson and Deskjet drivers
               Designed, architected and wrote from scratch
               Supported over 400 devices (Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, IBM, etc)
            Created to be a generic library for drivers
            Placed in the Device Driver Kit for vendors
            Created to be an API for an application to query job properties
      Wrote Presentation Manager testcases for printing.
      Helped Lotus' Smart Suite of applications port from Windows to OS/2
      Worked with Graphics Engine component of operating system.
      Internet Printer Driver
         Designed, architected and wrote from scatch
         Client/server virtualization of a printer driver over TCP/IP
      Worked with Level 3 support group to help customer problems
      Trained Latvia to transition support of printer drivers
      Helped Netscape printing problems
   NC Print
      ported printer driver to Java2D and demoed a working prototype
   AIX Java 1.22
      Fixed defects
      Investigated in current level of print support
      Held meetings with the community to improve print support
         Designed, architected and wrote from scatch a model to allow vendors
          to easily add devices under Linux
         Added support for Omni under Gnome
      CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System)
         Added support for Omni under CUPS
         Added support for Omni under Ghostscript
         Worked with Brother, Canon, Epson, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Okidata
      CIFS (Common Internet File System) / Kernal Filesystem
      SuSE Linux Interprise Server
         Debugged and fixed defects
   Standards bodies
      Open Printing
         Led a group to standardize the print subsystem under Linux
      Printer Working Group
         Worked with the Universal Printer Driver Format group
      IBM Technical Interchanges (St. Louis - 1997, San Fransisco - 1994)
      Linux Printing Summit 1 & 2
      Free Software Symposium 2002 in Japan
      Printer Working Group
      Open Printing
      Wrote 33 patents, 12 of which are granted.
      Participated on patent review boards
      Helped mentor employees to create new patents
      Reviewed competitors patents against our product
      Cdea          - Reads information about music CD and pipes raw bits to encoder
      ClntSrv       - Reads display bitmap command stream from named pipe
      Common        - User controlled button. Debug memory allocation.  GUI toolbar.
      FTPD          - FTP daemon. (Also had HTTP and FSP protocols).
      Id3           - Interacts with CDDB and creates ID3 struct for MP3 files.
      PmMeta        - Dump out Presentation manager metafiles.
      Print         - Printer driver testcases.
      IPrint        - Client/Server virtual printer driver over internet.
      BlogEmailer   - J2EE program to email an entry.
      BookInventory - Web scraper/Amazon web services xlate ISBN to book information.
      Carcassone    - Plays the German board game Carcassonne.
      Fool          - Web scraper to download message boards.
      FTPD          - Implement a FTP daemon.
      JPrint        - Printer driver testcases.
      Google        - Turn Google's gmail account into an FTP interface.
      Mail2Entry    - Turn Sprint's picture invitation into a Moveable Type post.
   System administration of AT&T System 5 UNIX machines
   Wrote Korn shell scripts
   Wrote C programs to supplement shell scripts and for users to execute
   Wrote program to show real time capabilities of Modcomp's OS versus competitors
Los Alamos
   Wrote Haskell testcases to test beta compiler from Yale
   Upgraded a program that translated an intermediate language of the compiler using
    LEX and YACC into C code