Disc Golf 04/19/2008

Walk with us to cure lupus

The meetup group met at Old Settler’s Park for the winter variant. There were a lot of people that showed up including two new people (Jim and Tyler). The only problem was that there was a charity walk going on at the park. Oh well, it makes for a target rich environment…

Hole two

The is another mound in front of hole two from the dam project. It was a damn, damn mound that sucked up a lot of discs…

around the mound

Fortunately, my disc went around the mound.

Jon putting

But, unfortunately, we could not convert it into a birdie. Jon was off of his game today. And I blamed him, of course. Its never my fault!

Hole 10

There was one amusing incident on hole 10. A couple and their child were taking pictures in a tiny patch of blue bonnets. John, who definitely does not want to include hitting children in his list of accomplishments, went down to protect them. We threw discs down to the basket and John would try and knock them down when they got too close. Finally, they got the clue and walked off…