Monthly Archives: March 2010

Coral Dragon Cloud

This is a picture, not taken, of a coral-colored dragon with dark purple on top, floating majestically in a baby-blue sky, slowly and stately keeping pace with my car as buildings, billboards, and powerlines zip in front of it, all the while the coral gradually fades into darkness and my journey ends…

Liberty Tax Countdown

This is a picture, not taken, of a man in a bright green flowing dress with spikes on his head and a torch in his hand gesticulating wildly to passing cars, imploring them to file their taxes RIGHT NOW, standing next to a big sign counting down the number of days left to his temporary job..

Tornado leaves

This is a picture, not taken, of a ordinary, everyday traffic situation: waiting for a light to turn green, when, out of the blue, the winds kick up and the skies darken as a blizzard of dead oak leaves starts swirling around my car, all tornado-like, to the point where I’m wondering if I should duck-and-cover until it blows away a few seconds later…