Monthly Archives: February 2013

Sea of faces

This is a picture, not taken, of a sea of faces bobbing above a concrete pool deck horizon, while an instructor on the deck pantomimes different choreographic routines, the older people seemingly disinterested in the slow, repetitive, dance moves, and instead, talking amongst themselves or disdainfully looking around, as young children enthusiastically run around in the background during a swim meet…

Idyllic ocean highway

This is a picture, not taken, of a thin contrail in the azure evening sky, depicting a meandering  turn towards the distant southwest,  and happenstantially positioned  just above a tall radio antenna on the horizon, completing the image of an idyllic ocean highway…

Oscilloscopic water display

This is a picture, not taken, of a half-liter water bottle sitting in a Les Mills RPM bike, doggedly kept in view while my body cycles to a pounding, metronomic backbeat, various overhead lights reflecting off the plastic ribs along the bottle and through the water create an oscilloscopic display in sync with the music, which distract me through the intense workout regimen.