Monthly Archives: May 2010

Surprise bird-strike

This is a picture, not taken, during the briefest of milliseconds on a rural Hill-county road, while driving at a high rate of speed and rounding a corner, of a bird’s breast before slamming explosively onto and then off of the driver’s windshield, making me wonder about the whole ephemerality of life, and also the interrelatedness, given I had just stopped to view an eagle’s nest…

Leaking Ice Truck

This is a picture, not taken, of an older, medium-sized truck well past its prime, spruced up with a graffiti-type spray paint job boldly declaring King Ice, the truck taking its left-turn too quickly as it leaked a stream of water from multiple areas, the water quickly evaporating on a hot summer day.

Psychedelic caterpillar deja vu

These are two pictures, not taken, of a fat and hairy caterpillar, together giving a sense of Deja vu. The caterpillar was slowly undulating in a psychedelic manner, from the white highway dividing line, across my path, towards the safety of the field. Enough of them were on the road to make me question the long-term survival of their species.

Hurry up and stop

This is a picture, not taken, of a car, stuck in backed up traffic, bolting from the left lane to the middle, oddly trying to move to the right lane, but at the last second returning to the left lane, just in time to run a red light — which a police officer just happened to notice…