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Every Playboy Centerfold, The Decades: link

Double entendre about car/dick size link

A drywall-saw-wielding industrial robot pumpkin carver link

You too can be an odor inspector link

Own a traffic light changer like emergency vehicles have link

A printed page of yeast sensors could be taped or glued to the back of a cockroach or robot and checked with optical radar which will glow in the presence of chemical or biological agents link

Is a glider from Conway’s game of life an appropriate emblem for hackers?link

Paper plate origami link

Dirty AOL buddy icons link

Flashing your lights to warn other drivers about cops is a first amendment right link

Breakfast at IHOP

This is one reason why Americans are so fat. This morning, I was in the mood for blueberry pancakes (and coincedently watched Pulp Fiction again this morning). So naive me orders them and was shocked at what I received. Four large pancakes (flour == simple sugar + milk + eggs) that were topped with 1/2 cup of blueberry pie filling. And, as if it was not sweet enough, it had whipped cream on it! Why does this restaurant feel the need to put whipped cream on pancakes? Sigh. So I scapped off the blueberry filling and poured on Maple syrup (tree sugar).
blueberry pancakes
P.S. Had cream and sugar with the coffee 🙂


Cool Japanese wooden keyboard link

Today’s kids review classic video games link

Cool Star Wars fan’s custom 10-seat home theatre, complete with THX sound: link

Mankind did not invent the alphabet — butterflies did! link


The Infinite Matrix asked a few SF writers, editors, and physicians for pithy comments, and this is what we got: link

Wow, 22 pregnant cows killed by a single lightning strike. link

Even the name Unique is not! link

An old boom box stereo is now a Wi-Fi mp3 streaming box link

This is a very shocking anti-American propoganda video made by North Koreans and previously broadcast on South Korean and Japanese Television. link

A Little Perspective on $87 billion. link

And of course there’s Cockeyed take on a million dollars. link

3-D print outs of Escher. link

Why not just genetically engineer women for milk? link

The Fanimatrix link

Wgirls link