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I won Formula Dé!

Woo woo! It is about time. I only did horribly the first two years. Here is my trophy:

trophy view #1
trophy view #2

Once a month I race in the Double R Gamer’s Formula Dé league. Formula Dé is a cruel game. It is very luck based. So you usually have a percentage chance of making a turn. When you do miss, you are then 1 turn behind everyone in front of you. Also, the group hopes that bad things happen to you. They will cheer if you could miss a turn, loose an engine/body point, or even die. While it does simulate the racing theme well, it certinally is not a favorite of mine.

But at least I have beaten the game. Revenge is mine!

My car is 10027.2 years old!

10027.2 years old

It has been a year and my car is getting old. While it has lost the new car smell, it is still an enjoyable ride. I figure that I have gotten 80% enjoyment from it. So far, I have resisted the urge to modify the truck to increase the horsepower. But, if I were ever to do that, then I would get a 20% increase in my total enjoyment-factor. That would bump it up to 96%. Where would I find the other four percent? “Drag racing,” I’ll tell you. Running an 11 second quarter mile would certinally be satisfying.