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Why can’t this be easy?!?!

I run a Debian box at home. It runs a web/mail/file server. I have been having problems with sendmail. Well, today, I have finally become tired of hacking sendmail to get it barely running each time I upgrade it. I reinstalled Debian. I copy some important configuration files over from my backup. I switch to using Exim. Is it quick and seamless? No!!! But I think I finally have it running. I hope. We’ll see…

Update: Well. I woke up on New Year’s Day and was greeted with a dead system. On the console window I found disk I/O error messages. Argh! So, I broke open a spare 60 gig hard drive and installed Debian from scratch. After that task, I shutdown and plugged the old drive back in as a slave. I then booted up and checked to see if my data was still there. Fortunately, it was and I copied it all off.

My system is back up and running. I will see if it holds up. The only good thing about this experience is that I have documented exactly what changes need to be done to convert a fresh install into my configuration. I have already learned to perform backups.


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Got in my truck tonight and was greeted with this display in my temperature guage. I didn’t even know it was possible! Fortunately, my truck wasn’t really covered in ice. But it was 29 degrees Farenheit out. Brrrrrrrrrr!


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I went to see Alexander today and what an adventure it was! During Friday, Dan had mentioned that he was interested in seeing Alexander at the IBM free movie day. I had read some not very encouraging reviews of the movie and thought that, since it was free, it would be worth watching.

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Round Rock celebration


Stopped by Main Street in Round Rock tonight after dinner at Rios. There was a celebration going on. Santa, Carriage rides, Chestnuts roasting by an open fire, and other booths.