Monthly Archives: June 2013

Fifth lunch set for a number of days

This set had two new dishes.

The first dish was orzo, roasted asparagus, and dates. It was easy to make. The hardest part was cutting up the small, sticky dates. It turned out alright. Not too sweet.

The second dish was taken from zucchini pasta with creamy avocado cucumber sauce. I used the mandolin to thinly slice zucchini. And then I used a knife to slice into spaghetti stick shapes. The avocado cucumber sauce was easy to make and something I had not thought of as going together before. My horizons have broadened a little more. And I would make it again.

The third dish was a repeat with collard greens, mustard greens, and bacon with some pectin added to gel up the chicken stock sauce. I didn’t slice the greens small enough. But that turned out to be a minor problem.

Open air vs closed fermentation

I have been wondering whether kombucha needs to ferment in an open air container. Even though a cloth towel is covering the vessel, I know very well that dust, dirt, and micro organisms are able to travel through the “barrier.” Also, the kombucha is sitting in my guest bathroom. And, while the bathroom doesn’t get used, it seems more sanitary if the vessel is hermetically sealed.

In one bucket, I oxygenated the liquid, oxygenated the air, sealed up the top, and then placed an airlock in the hole. In the other bucket, I placed a cheesecloth over the top. After a couple of weeks, the scobies were dramatically different. Clearly, the gelatinous mass is a protection barrier to oxygen.

Brewing kombucha with malt

I wondered if kombucha could eat different sugars than sucrose. So I brewed a batch of kombucha with dry malt extract (DME). It was not a problem at all it seem. Although there is one noticeable difference. When the CO2 is generated and bubbles out of the liquid, the DME is foamier than sugar. And you can see the dried foam along the edges. The taste also has a slightly different mouth feel.