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It’s been a while since I have made pizza. This time out it was with Italian Dry Salami and caramelized onions.

Louis Mueller BBQ

Louis Mueller B.B.Q.

I had a craving for B.B.Q. today and decided to drive out to Taylor for some Louis Mueller B.B.Q.. It was a 15 mile drive out there. When I arrived, the line was already to the door. Apparently, the credit card machine was giving them problems. I tried the moist brisket, chipotle sausage, and peach cobbler. Not bad at all. But not worth the long drive.

Game Day 03/26/2009

Game #1

Le Havre

We started out with Le Havre. Which turned out to be quite different from all of the other games that I have played of it. Certain critical buildings were buried. Buildings like the Bakery, the Smokehouse, and the Brickworks. This meant that more concentrated food production was delayed. Which turned the game rather lean. None of us built steel or Luxury Liners. Mike even managed to take out two loans during the game (which is the first time that I have seen someone take out a loan). I did manage to build a lot of buildings though and easily win the game.

Game #2

Big Three

We finished up with a short game of Big Three.

Oak pollen

Oak pollen #1
Oak pollen #2

My oak trees are just bursting with pollen. Ugh. Fortunately, I am not having an allergic reaction to it. But it is impressive just how much resources it puts towards reproduction.

Enchiladas y mas

Enchiladas y mas

A friend took me out to one of his favorite local eateries: Enchiladas y mas. It was good. Although he was telling how packed this place gets and that you had to go early if you don’t want to wait. But it wasn’t busy today. Perhaps the recession is affecting people’s enchiladas cravings?


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Disc Golf 03/20/2009

new hole

It was a beautiful Friday and this motivated us to play some disc golf. We decided to try the normal Old Settler’s Park course. When the dam was being worked on, some stole one of the extra baskets (I believe the C hole). Well, it looks like the Round Rock disc golf group went ahead and built another basket. This one seems like it would be a lot harder to run over.

Game Day 03/19/2009

Game #1

Settler’s Cities and Knights

We started out with a game of Cities and Knights. Mike had been wanting to play this. So we accommodated him. I was the third player to start. My first pick was okay and my second pick was not good at all. I had an 11 and a 12 among the numbers that I was sitting on. Which is not a good start. But I was lucky. We rolled both 11 and 12 a number of times! You gotta love the dice sometimes. This was able to place me in the running during the mid-game. However, the dice eventually turned back to their expected distribution. Sigh.

Ed apparently was hating this game. Enough to leave. Fortunately, Marty had arrived and was more than willing to take his place over. In a couple of turns, he had doubled his score. And the game ended a half an hour later with Mike finally claiming enough victory points for a win.


We ended with a game of Tichu.

03/19/2009 The scorecard for a game of Tichu

GT or T bet made or lost

This team scored more points than the other or one twoed

GT/T Team #1 GT/T GT/T Team #2 GT/T
MarkH & Jon MikeCh & Marty
    125 T+
  275     125  
    60 T-
T-   415  
  485     715 T+
  705 GT+  

Disc Golf 03/07/09

hole 5
hole 6

I went to play some disc golf before watching the Watchmen today. It was a nice day out and I haven’t been to the Luthern Church in a while. Its a really short course and easy to make birdies.

small flags

There were these small orange flags on the course. I wonder what they were originally used for?

bent pipes

And there were a number of bent pipes sticking in the ground as well. Weird.

New Sonic

There is a new Sonic right next to the Church. Which is just what the world needs…

Hidden cross

You know, I never did notice this hidden cross before. It is located near the three large crosses. Churches seem to love cross iconography.