Monthly Archives: February 2013

Missed lunch for a couple of days

It seems that I’ve missed this set of lunches. So I will retcon an entry for it.

On the menu are three dishes I thought up. The first was a black bean succotash. It was easy to make. I rehydrated some black beans and cooked them up. And, to that, I added a bag of frozen corn, and I diced up some poblano peppers. The only problem with the dish is that the sauce from the black beans hides the other vegetables.

The next dish is a sweet potato au gratin. This dish was even easier to make. I thinly sliced sweet potatoes and shallots and layered them in a pan. I then poured heavy cream over them. And topped the mixture with cheese. I was going to use Manchego but came across a more interesting cheese at the supermarket (which I sadly forgot what name it had). The potatoes turned out surprisingly sweet! Next time I will use half & half instead.

The last dish was quinoa with apples and pecans. This dish was easy to make as well. I cooked the quinoa according to the directions on the package and added a diced Granny Smith and a Red Delicious apple. And topped it with salted and roasted pecans. Mmm!