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Ghost players

Ghost players #1
Ghost players #2

I messed around with long exposures and light painting myself into a picture. For the first picture, I put a 2-stop neutral density filter on in order to get a 25 second exposure time. I then ran around with a Canon 580 EXII flash and strobed myself a couple of times. For the second picture, the room was completely dark. I used the studio strobes for an initial picture. And then ran around strobing myself. Hrm, now that I think about it, that sounds pretty kinky.

Game Day 02/19/2009

Game #1

Through The Ages

The attendies were in the mood for TtA, so TtA we played. This game was interesting in that only one attack was made during the game. And absolutely no wars. Which is good, I guess, since I spent the whole game behind militarily. Also, there were no colonies that were up for grabs. It seems that I was the only one drawing them and I discarded them since I couldn’t fight for them. Mike was ahead for most of the game. But I finally got my victory point generation going with 21 victory points a turn. It took me a while to catch up, but I finally did. And when the final scoring came around, I stayed in the lead (probably because I drew most of the scoring cards and decided which ones to put in).


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Chocolate Chipotle self-saucing pudding refined

Well, I keep playing around with my self-saucing pudding recipe. I want to balance the major flavors in this recipe. Right now, there is Molasses, Chocolate, Chipotle, and Beer. I wanted to sneak in some coffee in there as well. So I added three teaspoons of instant expresso coffee grounds. But I couldn’t really taste the coffee. I think that there is a bandwidth problem for taste. You can only fit so many flavors at one time. And the coffee was not intense enough to be seen with the molasses in the picture. I think I am calling this recipe complete at this point.

When I was processing the picture, I noticed quite a bit of difference between a single image and the HDR merged pictures. The single picture is washed out and has a yellowish tint to it.

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New sprinkler heads

New sprinkler heads

Time for some yard maintenance. Its been a while since I installed my sprinkler system. I have noticed that the heads are sticking and not popping up like they should. So I went out and bought a new batch of heads.

Replacing them has been a real pain in the neck! Most of them are stuck in the earth. When you unscrew the head, the top part comes off and the bottom part is still in the ground. So you have to grab it with pliers and slowly rock it back and forth in an attempt to remove it. It is like pulling teeth! Then you have to screw the new head in. Which is not as easy as it sounds. Next you run the system to see if the heads are on tight. If so, you remove the sprinkler tops and let any dirt in the lines to flush out.

After doing ten of them, my hands are torn up. I have four blisters on one hand. I can see that this is going to take a while to finish.

Disc Golf 02/14/09

Jon in rough
Jon in water

Since Marty was planning on playing games at Great Hall Games today, I decided to join him. So we played at a nearby course, Bart. Bart is a pretty odd course. It is in a run-down and abandoned park. The course needs some serious grooming (which was not that bad of a problem in the winter). And it needs a couple of baskets


For lunch we went to Hoover’s. Mmm, good, old-fashioned, country cooking…