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The IBM auto show

IBM had its second annual (at least for me) car show. There were a lot of Corvettes (big surprise with rich IBMers), a DeLorean, a Ferrari, and some sweet Mustangs.

Auto #1
Auto #2
Auto #3
Auto #3
Auto #4
Auto #5
Auto #6

A year’s supply of rice


I went to My Thanh Supermarket to buy my yearly supply of rice. Twenty five pounds of rice for $12.49! I used to buy Texmati rice, but this is far cheaper. I will have to find out how much it is at HEB.

While I was in the checkout line, News 8 Austin was there filming! Fortunately, I must not have been what they were looking for. They filmed the Asian man ahead of me…

Mexican casserole

Mexican casserole

Central Market twisted my arm when they sent me coupons. One of the coupons was for $10 off on their selection of prepared foods. So, I bought what they call “Tamal Azteca” and it was good.

Tonight, I decided to get creative and make my version of that dish. I bought: a HEB whole smoked chicken, Timpone’s salsa muy rica, Monterey Jack cheese, Carique Crema Mexicana Agria, corn tortillas, poblano peppers, and tomatillos. I shredded the chicken; roasted the peppers and removed the skins; and roasted the tomatillos and mixed them with the salsa. Once every thing was prepared, I assembled the casserole and baked it.

It turned out pretty good. For the next time, I will add some diced garlic, sliced jalapeños, and more cheese. More cheese!



I am working at home today (much like I did over Saturday and Sunday, sadly enough) in order to sign for a package. I ordered 200 Tyvek CD/DVD sleeves from All Things CDR. So, on package deliver attempt #1, I find out that I must sign for it. Ok. Like I care if people steal this package. I sign the piece of paper that UPS left on the door and hope that it will be delivered. The next day, I find out that, for some packages you can sign the paper, but for this package, it must be electronic. Gah! I do not want to drive to south Austin to pick it up, so I work from home. Today is day 3 and I signed for it.

When I open it, I find way too much padding. There is the foam for the empty space. And there are two bubble wrapped packages protecting the paper sleeves from damage.

What a waste!

Street sweeper

Street sweeper

I have lived here four years, and this is the first time that I have seen a street sweeper here in Round Rock. What a narrow focus of my home town I have…

Roux hungry?


After the cooking class, I was finally able to buy some rendered duck fat at Central Market. This is a cup of the fat and one and a half cups of flour after cooking for about twenty minutes. I would say that looks like it is peanut butter colored. Now, I need to wait until it has cooled down.

Mmmmmm, my house smells like heaven! I need to search for some pantone color samples of the different stages of roux.

Junk towing

towing junk vehicles

I have noticed one piece of junk car towing another piece of junk car travelling south on IH-35 many, many times. I wonder why I have seen so many of these vehicles during my stay in Round Rock. Some times, there is a small convoy of three or four vehicles. I suspect that Mexicans go buy used cars somewhere up north and then bring them to Mexico to sell at a profit. Any other ideas?