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New bikes from Specialized link1 The other articles are amusing as well link2 link3 via

Star Trek business cards link1 Star Wars business cards link2 via

Ford CEO’s Expedition? link via

Science fiction story leaks nuclear secrets link via

Robbery occurs on a live TV show link via

In the near future, a soldier who needs a quick look over the next hill will be able to aim his rifle skyward, fire a grenade-sized reconnaissance device and instantly receive imagery on his pocket computer link via

Semi-trailer full of explosives explodes link via

National debt graph link via

Decayed catfish-head totems?


On my bike ride this morning, I noticed something very weird. I mean like X-files weird. Someone placed the heads of four dead catfish on fence posts of the barbed wire fence running along the road. Why?? What is this supposed to prevent?? Very bizzare!

Game Day 08/11/2005

Game #1


We started out the night with all seven people playing one game. Ed brought out a rerealease of an older game called Saboteur. In this game there are dwarves trying to find gold in a mine. However, some dwarves are trying to sabotage the mission. We played three rounds and in each one I was the good dwarf. I was successful twice and was stoped once. And I also proved to be the best dwarf there!

The key to this game is to be the person who connects our route to the gold. If you do that then you get the best pick of the victory points and you will also get another victory point card if there are extras. I was unable to do that but at least I was sitting next to the person who did.

Game #2


Doug completely ruined this game for me. He was quiet when I had rolled exactly his number (but I was trying to get a higher number). However, when Roxana was rolling he shouted that she had rolled my number. He also made sure to emphasise that point and convice her to stop rolling and take my number. Gah! I should have just gotten up and let them finish the game without me.

Game #3


Another game of Palazzo where I sucked badly. Sigh! Still willing to play it though…

Game #4

Flea Circus

We noticed that the Rio Grand version had slightly different rules, so we used the their version for a change. In this game, I was really lucky. I kept turning up sevens! What hurt me though was I only was able to put out one set. I needed to turn up a 2 or a 3 for another set.


The Christian paradox link via

How many punch cards would it take for a 3 minute MP3? link via

La-Z-Jesus link via

For fun, you can launch up to 20 balloons at once with less distance. All our models will disassemble at the barrel for maximum portability even on aircraft link via

Amazon offers the 1,802 titles in the Penguin Classics Complete Library for $7,989.99 link via

The car whisperer link via

Virtue and vice outperforms S&P500 link via

Bikini life jacket link1 link2 via

Golden Numbers is a sound installation consisting of 32 gigantic military speakers removed from the DMZ link via

Cardboard helicopter link via

Microsoft makes $471 profit/second link1, Google makes $44 profit/second link2 via

Cows dyed and used as advertising link via

As tempting as it is to picture a blood-spattered Canadarm flinging goat carcasses into the void, we know that the Shuttle is the fruit of what was supposed to be a rational decision making process link via

Well, after investing all this effort into searching for a terrestrial (although very spacey looking) craft, I’m pretty skeptical that any remnants of an actual saucer crash (assuming one really occurred) could be found. I was dealing here with an event I knew had occurred, which had a reasonable amount of documentation, was in favorable, open terrain, and proved nearly impossible to find. link via

Rodman One Call


On my bike ride this morning, I came across these words spray painted on the road.


I think it has something to do with the two holes on both sides of the road. Perhaps they are laying pipe underneath the road? Which is a shame actually. This is a brand new road! You would think that they would get everything correct the first time! Sigh… Our tax dollars at work.


Game Day 08/04/2005

Game #1


While we were waiting for Jon to show up, we chose this quick game as a filler. And, indeed, Jon showed up after the first round. So, he just joined in the game essentially one turn behind. I haven’t played this game in a while since it is played at Russcon a lot and I was burned out on it. The dice loved me tonight and I easily won the game.

Game #2

In the Shadow of the Emperor

Mike brought two new Shadow games tonight and we chose this one to play. I had played this game once before so I knew a little of what to do for the strategy. After a fustrating rules explination, we started the game. I chose to go after a district that Mike controlled but, unfortunately, Mike decided to defend it. Mike soon learned later on in the game that you need to go after new districts for points rather than defending old districts for no points. What was fustrating was the end of the game. Jon was in last place and he controlled who was going to win the Papal election. I needed the extra point for going with Jon’s decision. But he chose randomly and I had to chose randomly as well by fliping my card. Unfortunately, the card fell on the wrong outcome. I lost that point and was tied for second with Mike. Gah!

Game #3


To end the night, we resurrected an old but good game. The first game went rather poorly for me.

Game #4


But the second game went much better!