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CSI: Round Rock

Trauma #1
Game #1

Wow. Gruesome damage to Roxana during her first playing of disc golf. And that was just at the speed thrown while putting into the goal. I would hate to get in front of a disc thrown for distance.

I wonder what a Phrenologist could tell us about Roxy’s new character…

Lunch Time Tichuers 04/11/2006

For Adam’s Grand-Tichu wish, I thought that I was in a good position to hurt him. I had an Ace, the Mahjong, and a 6 bomb. My partner passes me the Dragon. I did not plan on making an Ace wish and then immediately bombing. I figured that it was good enough to get one ace out from Adam’s hand and then Dragon it. I would save my bomb for some other winner of Adam’s. Little did I know that Ed was also powerful (he also had a 5 bomb). In fact, Ed went out first and I went out second for the 1/2.

Sometimes it matters which eight cards that you pick up. In the last hand of the game, my last eight cards were the Dragon, Phoenix, two Aces and two middle cards. So I wait until I can play a card. Mike made his usual random wish. This time, it was for a three and I did not have it. So I played a higher card, call Tichu, and hope that it would flush out a possible a three bomb. I had no problems making the Tichu call.

In our game, only one hand had no Tichu calls made. That is a sign that everyone is informed enough on if their hand is a Tichu hand.

The scorecard for a game of Tichu

GT or T bet made or lost

This team scored more points than the other or one twoed

GT/T Team #1 GT/T GT/T Team #2 GT/T
Ed & Mark Mike & Adam
  160     440  
T+ 290    
  490     310 GT-
    610 T+
  T+ 690  
  1010 T+   690  

Game Day 04/08/2006

Game #1


Tim had a game day, so I decided to stop by after disc golf. And we played Bootleggers. Because John keeps dragging it around and trying to get people to play it. He says that someone told him that it was a 10 game.

This game is set in the 20s when prohibition was enforced. We play gangsters who are delivering alcohol to speakeasies. And we start with one still, one truck, and one mobster. Be forewarned, this game uses a lot of dice! The stills initially have one die to determine alcohol production (you can add improvements which are extra dice and even get more stills later on). And the speakeasies have dice which determines their demand for alcohol (with improvements later on). The mobsters are used to try and control majority influence in the speakeasies. If you have the most mobsters, then your trucks will have delivery precidence. If you have at least one mobster in a joint, then you have priority over “general deliveries” (those who have no prescence). And if you have at least as many mobsters as everyone else, then you get bonus money for all deliveries. The speakeasies all have price that they pay for alcohol. The bigger the speakeasy, the more dice it uses to determine demand and the more money it pays out for deliveries. But those speakeasies need more initial mobsters in it to open it up for business.

This game does have a Chinatown like feel to it where you can barter your alcohol and trucks in order to make money. And like that game, not many people traded with me. Which really hurts. Especially when I had really bad dice rolls where I rolled a 1 four times in a row for my production. I also rolled lower than average in the speakeasy that I controlled which caused me to not be able to buy the goods that I tried to deliver.

Another negative thing about the trading is that deals are non-binding. So in John’s first trade with me, he decides to go against our agreement. Sigh. Sure, I understand that that may happen. But on the first trade at the beginning of the game? Come on!

Disc Golf 04/08/2006

Easter train

Another day of disc golf at Cat Hollow. Today, the weather was beautiful out and a touch on the cool side. It is probably the last time we will see cool weather around here. Apparently, there was some sort of Easter party going on for the residents here. There were plastic eggs all over and this train. That has something to do with religion, right?

Disc Golf 04/07/2006

Ant hill

Another Friday disc golf day at Old Settlers park. And the fire ants are really in season now. They are every where you look. Like every twenty feet or so. I imagine that one day, the entire earth will eventually be covered with ants.

John throw

The day was beautiful but a little too windy. Which is a pain if you are trying to avoid throwing your disc into the water. John played with me today. And on one hole we must have spent ten minutes trying to find a red disc in the middle of a green field (an easy job one would imagine). We eventually found it relatively close to the goal.


And it seems that a race will be held here sometime. Some people were out spray painting arrows along the course to indicate where the joggers would run. It also told me which direction to throw.

Unfortunately, I had to leave early (after hole 17) in order to make it to my Pilates class on time. Coincidently, John had lost his red disc again…

Game Day 04/06/2006

Game #1

Easy Come, Easy Go

While we waited for Jon, we played a quick game of this Knizia dice fest. The goal of three plaques were hotly contested for a bit. But John finally survived a round with three of them to give him the win.

Game #2

Age of Steam

And then we got into our meaty game for the night. Since Adam and Mike were both gone to play Bridge, it was the perfect time to play Age of Steam. Chapel really wanted to play Princes of the Renaissance (and I do as well). But I made an executive decision and brought AoS to the table. Which was cool. We all were in the running to win this game.

Lunch Time Tichuers 04/04/2006

This is the first time with Lauren with our group. Unfortunately, Dan is hosing us by not wanting to play Tichu anymore.

The scorecard for a game of Tichu

GT or T bet made or lost

This team scored more points than the other or one twoed

GT/T Team #1 GT/T GT/T Team #2 GT/T
Mark & Ed Lauren & Jon
  285     15  
  585 T+   15  

Disc Golf 04/02/2006

Close shots

Another day of disc golf for me. At Old Settler’s park again. As is usual for me, I came early to practice throwing. And was mildly pleased when my long distance throws ended up in the same area. Perhaps I have some level of control?

Boy Scout tent

Today was hot and humid! So much so that I was tired out from the practicing. Roxana played with us, which was cool. And we all wondered why a group of Boy Scouts would pitch a tent in the middle of a disc golf course. Aren’t they supposed to be aware of their environment? It didn’t stop me from throwing it towards the goal.

Jon in water

After we played, Jon was tempted to escape the heat and go swimming for some discs. But he only waded in and then got out. Afterwards we headed to the Mexican ice cream store to cool us off. I liked it! Their desserts are not as sweet as American ice cream.