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Disc Golf 02/09/2008

Almost skip ace

The meetup group played at Cat Hollow AGAIN, so I ditched them to play at Wilco. Which is a challenging course. Unfortunately, this course is starting to get really popular. Man, was it crowded today! I had a couple of within range first throws for a possible birdie. However, I missed the putts. So sad. But I made up for that on hole 13. My first throw hit the ground and skipped up to hit the basket! An almost skip ace.

Disc Golf 02/08/2008

construction changes

There is some more changes in the construction at Old Settlers Park. It looks like someone wised up and put in doors in all that orange fencing. Torn fencing from people having to climb over the fences probably gave them a clue. And it looks like the removed all of the trees on the side of the dam. So sad. That will change how two of the holes play. It looks like the basket for “C” hole (or is it A or B?) is still there. We’ll see how long that lasts…

long putt for par

I started out with a long putt for par on hole 1. Which is nice. This is a challenging hole.

birdie on hole 7

On hole 7 I had a great throw through the mandatory box. And it was while someone else was watching. It was close enough for a birdie.

Monument Cafe

Monument Cafe

Based on Tim and Mary’s recommendation, I went to Monument Cafe in south Georgetown. The building itself looks nice, almost retro, but the parking lot is horrendous. They really need to fix it up and pave it. It make for an interesting contrast.

The food was pretty good. They had a good selection of local and organically grown vegetables. But, in my opinion, they were a little overcooked. I like them al dente and these were just bordering on mushy. The blackened salmon was a tad overcooked as well. The cherry fried pie was excellent.

I will definitely eat here again. Their menu changes frequently and it all sounds good.

Game Day 02/07/2008

Game #1

That’s Life!

While we waited for Jon to show up (he was late because one of his employees spent too much time talking to him), we played a light filler game. It has been a while since I have played That’s Life! Which is a shame since it is a decent game. Yes, a die is rolled, but you still have a choice because you can move one of three of your pawns or one of the neutral pieces if anyone is on that same spot. Mike flew very low under the group radar. It seemed like he was quietly going for the win. Doug foolishly got in a fight with me over a couple of pieces. His mistake was not realizing that I was moving after him so he would eventually be forced to move off of those spots. And when he did, I was able to claim a couple of negative negators to tie Mike for the win.


Mike brought over Through The Ages for me to compare with the F. R. E. D. version. And that got him, Jon and Doug in the mood for a three player game. I instead played Brass. I took a couple of chances on shipping Cotton which failed. This cost me a couple of rankings in the final score. I also didn’t think that the others would build the shipyards as quick in this game. It seemed that the going strategy was to take a lot of loans to pay for those buildings. I definitely want to play this game again.

Chocolate Stout Bread Pudding

Chocolate Stout Bread Pudding

Of course, after eating a couple of slices of hot bread with butter, what else does one do with a loaf of bread? I made a B.L.T. sandwich. And then cut the rest into cubes to dry over a couple of days.

Besides the usual cream and eggs that your basic pudding, this recipe adds beer. I used Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. How many calories does it have? Does really it matter when you sinfully indulge yourself?


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HDR Sourdough bread

HDR Sourdough Bread

Its been a while since I have made some bread. So, on the sourdough life cycle N – 2 (where N was sleep in the refrigerator and N – 1 was pizza dough), I created this version. The recipe was:

  • one and a half teaspoons of salt
  • seven ounces of water (mix the Kosher salt until the crystals dissolve)
  • three ounces of active sourdough culture
  • fifteen ounces of flour (by weight)
  • mix until homogeneous (I had to spray some water because of uneven mixing)
  • cover with saran wrap and let rest overnight
  • knead the dough and place on strip of parchment paper. Cover and let rise for six hours
  • place a Le Creuset Dutch Oven into the oven and preheat to 500 degrees
  • place the bread inside the Dutch Oven and reduce the heat to 425
  • bake for thirty minutes, remove the bread, and place directly on the rack
  • bake for twenty five more minutes

Disc Golf 02/02/2008

Construction at OSPW

Today, the meetup group met at Old Settler’s Park. We played the winter variant since the course is shorter and therefore less imposing to newcomers. I was surprised with the signs of new construction going on here. They took out half of the parking lot for construction vehicles.


And they fenced off a section of the park. But it seems that they respected the disc golfers and make the area around the basket accessible. Which is nice. But they did not realize that the tee is at the top of the path off in the distance. So they didn’t need to change the fencing at all.

I do wonder how much construction is going on here and what the final result will be.