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Traffic mess

traffic mess

Apparently an eighteen-wheeler truck crashed into a median at 4:30 in the morning. The truck caught fire and burnt to a cinder. They had to close both North and Southbound lanes of IH-35. Unfortunately, this is just South of where I live and I have no real alternate routes. At 10:45, the roads were still shut (and in fact would not open up until after lunch). I worked my way South over surface roads. But I still had to travel East along 620. Thankfully, it was not that long of a wait to pass.

I drove down to Volente Beach and Beach Front Boats. The LTC rented a part barge for the afternoon. The directions were horrible. Jon found me at 620. And we both missed the turn off for 2769 and continued along Anderson Mill road to 1431. At which point we said, WTF?! Thankfully, as we were backtracking, we noticed the sign for 2769 and Volente Beach.

The weather was perfect. The water was great. And we had much fun floating in the water and drinking beer.

Disc Golf 08/23/2008

Jon and hole 2

Jon and I went to play disc golf at Old Settler’s Park (Winter variant). It was tough carry our bags, though. Both of us had sun-burns from the previous day. Apparently, the free sunscreen was not waterproof.

It seems like they are making progress with the dam. The mounds of earth have been cleared out. The ground has been smoothed out (well, roughly smoothed). The small hill has some grass starter covering it. It is only missing the disc golf basket. I hope that they replace it! Maybe they are waiting for the grass to recover before they install the basket.

hole 3

For hole three, I was tantalizingly close to the basket. But I missed the birdie putt.

hole 16

On hole 16, I was able to hyzer over the trees to land right next to the basket. Which made me happy. That shot is real hard for me and I think that this is the first time that I have made that shot.

Nick and Stephanie joined us for lunch at Twin Peaks afterwards. Hopefully, they will play disc golf again some time in the future…

Tichu and Texmex 08/16/2008

Nick and Cannonball colony

It seems I have been banned from the Tichu group. I only found out about it from second hand comments. And from noticing the lack of invites. I was never told why or allowed to defend myself. How very strange and bizarre.

Tuesday’s bridge session netted us with a free burrito from Chipotle Mexican Grill over the weekend. So Nick planned a Tichu game for Friday. However, I forgot that D&D was that day. So he created another session on Saturday. Traci was supposed to have come but she never showed up. It was just Nick and I. So we played Cannonball Colony.


We went back to his house and he dragged me into a short game of Descent. Fortunately, Wayne showed up and we were able to play Tichu.

08/16/2008 The scorecard for a game of Tichu

GT or T bet made or lost

This team scored more points than the other or one twoed

GT/T Team #1 GT/T GT/T Team #2 GT/T
MarkH & Nick Stephanie & Wayne
  500 T+   100  
T+ 640    
  940 T+   160  
  940     360  

D&D Shadowfall Keep (part 3)

Critical fumble for Joe

The D.M. bought a GameMastery Critical Fumble Deck. Every time that we rolled a 1 on a D20, he drew a card and applied the results to us. The deck is designed for the 3rd edition, so some changes had to be made. Joe was the first recipient to win the prize.

New camera for Jeff

Jeff bought a new toy, a Sony A-300 DSLR. Cool, another photo-geek that I can talk with.

Jon's special move

We got closer another level. But we still have not cleared out the building that we are exploring. Since our party seems weak, our D.M. got rid of the unhelpful Gnome and created another NPC for us. His name is Brother Tanaka. And he is a warlord. Chapel gave him to me to control. We quickly nicknamed him “meat puppet” as he was always running to the front and volunteering to be attacked by monsters. Jon finally got to use his multi-strike ability. There were actually three monsters that was attackable by one spot.

Bridge 08/12/2008

John and Nick

The date is 08/12/2008

The players are:

North East South West
MarkH Wayne JohnH Nick
K 9
A J 2
A J 8 3 2
A J 2
A J 7 6


W         E


10 8 4
Q 7 K 9 8 6 4
10 7 5 4 K Q 6
Q 10 4 9 8
Q 5 3 2
10 5 3
K 7 6 5 3

Bidding was as follows:

South West North East
pass pass 1 pass
pass pass pass pass

A 8♣ was then led.

The score turned out to be 3

The IMP turned out to be 3

A Q J 7 5 4
8 2
8 3
Q J 10
K 9 8 2


W         E


K 10 6 5 J 7 4 3
6 5 4 A J 9
9 6 A K 8 4 2
10 6
A Q 9
K Q 10 7 2
7 5 3

Bidding was as follows:

West North East South
pass 2♠ 3♣ 3♠
pass 4♠ pass pass

A K♣ was then led.

The score turned out to be -1

The IMP turned out to be 1

A Q J 9 4 3
9 3 2
K J 5


W         E


8 7 6
Q 6 5 4 A K J 8 3
Q 7 5 4 K J 8 6
A 9 6 4 Q
K 10 2
9 7 2
A 10
10 8 7 3 2

Bidding was as follows:

North East South West
2♠ 3 pass 4
pass pass pass pass

A K♠ was then led.

The score turned out to be -1

The IMP turned out to be -3

A 8 7 6 3
Q 9 6 4 3
Q J 10 4


W         E


8 2 K J 10 7
A K Q 8 J 9 6 5 4
K 9 8 6 4 2
K 9 2
A 5
10 7 2
A 10 7 5 3

Bidding was as follows:

East South West North
pass pass 1nt pass
2 pass 2 pass

A 3 was then led.

The score turned out to be 2

The IMP turned out to be 4

5 4
K 9 7
K 10 7 6 5 3
A 10 8 6 5


W         E


4 3
Q J K 10 8 6 2
Q 8 A J 10 4 3
A Q J 8 9
J 9 7 2
A 9 7 3
6 5 2
4 2

Bidding was as follows:

South West North East
pass 1♠ 3♣ 3nt

A 2♣ was then led.

The score turned out to be 3

The IMP turned out to be 7

K 10 8 6
A K 6
Q 8 6 5
6 5
Q 7 3


W         E


A 4
9 8 7 4 Q 3 2
J 10 9 3 K 2
K 7 A Q J 10 3 2
J 9 5 2
J 10 5
A 7 4
9 8 4

Bidding was as follows:

West North East South
pass 1♠ 2♣ 2♠
double pass 3 pass

A J♠ was then led.

The score turned out to be -4

The IMP turned out to be -10

Q J 3
A 7 5 4
A 7 5 3
J 7
A 10 6


W         E


8 4
K J 9 Q 10 6 2
9 6 2 Q J 10 8 4
A 10 9 2 8 3
K 9 7 5 2
8 3
K Q 6 5 4

Bidding was as follows:

North East South West
1 pass 2♣ pass
2 2♠ pass 3nt

A 8 was then led.

The score turned out to be 4

The IMP turned out to be 12

10 3
K 3 2
8 7 6 4 2
9 8 7
A K J 8 2


W         E


A 6 10 9 8 7 5 4
J 10 5 3
A Q 5 4 K J 10 2
Q 9 7 6 4
A K Q 9
6 3

Bidding was as follows:

East South West North
2 3 4 pass
pass double redouble pass

An A was then led.

The score turned out to be -2

The IMP turned out to be -14

Flat tire problems

Well, I finally had a flat tire today when I was riding my bike. And, of course it happens when I am out in the middle of nowhere. I easily removed the tire. Now I need to find out where the leak is. I had bought one of those compressed air inflators. Unfortunately, there is no “slowly pump air into the tire” setting on this thing. A quick squeeze resulted in quickly inflating the tire and then quickly deflating the tire as the air escaped. Fortunately, I had a backup plan. I also carry a spare tube with me. So I install that tube and fill up the tire. I now notice a second problem with this pump. When it quickly releases the air, it freezes the tire stem as the gas expands! You get to now deal with holding frozen metal as you try and remove the pump from the tire. Fun. So, I then bike off. Only to notice that the spare tire has a leak in it. Argh! And the gas canister has run out of air. Double argh. I bought a spare air cylinder. But I now notice that the pump is not compatible with this one. Apparently, there are two different sizes for the pump (and also two different threading styles as well). Four combinations for a simple pump. This time I am out of options and have to call for help. Luckily, the phone worked and Mike was available.

Disc Golf 08/08/2008

new bridge

I actually played the full Old Settler’s Park course. It’s crazy hot in the middle of summer, I know. It looks like they have replaced the bridge over the stream which often was under water when it flooded. I doubt that this bridge will have that problem. It looks like they have moved the basket for hole 2 out away from the creek. Which is sad.

new tee for 16

With the dam finally finished, I was finally able to check out what they did for the tee on hole 16. It looks like they put a little bump in the sidewalk for people to throw on. Challenging.

construction at hole 18

And it looks like they are building a parking lot next to the football field. It is also right next to the basket for hole 18. Fortunately, they did not alter the basket.

Cute car

cute tiny car

What a cute, tiny car! I was hoping that I could figure out what the car was when I took the picture. And it seems that I have. “GT-R” and “X-90” are unique enough search terms.

Game Day 08/07/2008

Game #1

Lokomotive Werks

Thankfully, Jon and Doug were willing to play another game of Lokomotive Werks. I made the mistake of chasing after the newly created trains instead of upgrading all of my current ones. So, when the time came during the later stage of the game, I saw that I was going to loose multiple trains and only have one left, I decided to resign from the game. Unfortunately, the Grimm brothers had a big fight over who was going to win the game and Doug left.

Game #2


So it was just Jon and myself left. So we played a two player game of Agricola. Which went rather quickly for having a Grimm in the game.