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Game Night 05/20/2009

Game #1

Princes of the Renaissance

We started out with another game of Princes of the Renaissance. In this game, I went after a strong military at the start. Oddly, no one bought the pope for any of the eras in order to gang up on someone. I kept even in battles won and shares in the strong countries at the end. However, I was able to buy a number of artists who were worth victory points at the end. And this was the thing which won me the game.

Game #2

Race for the Galaxy

We finished up the night with a couple of games of Race for the Galaxy. Man, this game is becoming over-played…

Blackberry cobbler

The blackberries looked good at Sam’s so i bought two containers of them. Of course, I made a cobbler out of them with a cookie dough topping. The only problem was that it turned out too watery. The cornstarch didn’t do its job and turn that water into jelly. Maybe I should pre-cook half of the berries into a real jelly first? Next time…



Lately, I have been drinking Lemonaid or Limeaid at Monument Cafe. Which are pretty good. So it got me thinking of trying to make my own. So I came up with this recipe:

Squeeze the juice of 15 limes
Squeeze the juice of 12 lemons
Combined, the juice measured 800ml
Add 2 times this amount of water (1600ml)
Add 400 grams Organic Raw Blue Agave

I kind of eyeballed the agave sweetener. The result was not sweet at all. It is good and tart!

Disc Golf 05/16/2009

Flash Flood #1
Flash Flood #2

Well, the weather forecast yesterday proved to be wrong. Rain was supposed to start around 3pm.

The day started off good. I was able to bike for 30 miles. It didn’t rain and it didn’t look like it was going to rain. So I headed down to Cat Hollow to meet Jon. Just as I was about to arrive it started to rain heavily. We decided to wait it out. There was a moment when we were going to wait at Jon’s house but the rain lessened and we headed out to the course.

Wow, talk about flash flooding. There was a pretty swift river now running through the course. And we had to cross it a number of times. It only gave me one problem on Hole 5. My second throw landed right into it. At first, we thought that the disc was lost downstream somewhere. But Jon was able to spot it stuck in some grass.

Hole #2

I was able to get a couple of birdies. Which is great considering just how wet and slippery the discs got.

On hole 10, my second throw went horribly awry. It was raining pretty hard and we were soaking wet. I was walking around trying to find my disc when I hear a voice yelling at us “Do you have a yellow disc?” Jon nods. “It is close to the basket.” Someone on the third floor of the apartment complex boarding the hole had opened their window and was helping us. I continued looking around and then I hear “Do you have a pink disk?” I vigorously nod. “It is over the fence in the complex.” Sigh. When I had thrown it, the wind must have taken it over the fence. It was out of reach and there was no way to climb the fence. I was extremely grateful when the person volunteered to walk down with an umbrella and retrieve my disk for me! I thanked him and found out he was a fellow disc golfer.

Game Day 05/13/2009

Game #1

Glory To Rome

Mike hosed the weekly game night by holding a Lost season finale showing. Since I could only get one other person interested in games, I had to cancel and went to Mike’s instead. He surprised me my calling me early and having a game. They were up for yet another game of Race For The Galaxy. Even though his birthday present was the new Vinci-like game Small World. I definitely wanted to try that out. But they didn’t want to spend the time to read the rules. So I forced them to play Glory To Rome instead. Which is very RFtG like, but it is set in Rome instead of Sci-Fi.

Disc Golf 05/09/2009

Hole 12

We went to Wilco for some disc golf. Man, the cops were out in force there catching speeders. There were four officers standing out there with radar detectors. Conveniently enough, a construction zone just started there which doubled the fines. I spotted them from far away and drove slow.

Today was a good day. The weather was good and I got a birdie on hole 12.

Hole 17

I was also able to long putt a birdie on hole 17! Which I had never done before. Sweet!

Game Day 05/07/2009

Game #1

Caylus Magna Carta

We started out light with a game of Caylus Magna Carta. It has been a while since I have played this game. I was the only one to build a blue building and that was more than enough for a win.

Game #2a
Game #2b

Race For The Galaxy

I wanted to move on to another game but this group seems stuck on RFtG. Gah! For the first game, I had the perfect set of cards. I don’t think I have have seen that happen before. My homeworld was Epison Eridani. I came across the Star Nomad Lair immediately giving me +1 for selling blue. The Spice World and Export Duties increased selling blue to +4. The Secluded World and Gem World allowed me to ship blue for victory points. With my income, I was able to play Galactic Federation, Galactic Survey: Seti and New Economy. This more than gave me the win.

The next game was the complete opposite for me! I started with New Sparta. This is quite a simple strategy. Keep growing you military strength and then lay down the two 6-value military bonus cards. However, I never saw any military strength cards. All I did was explore +5 and I could not find a one. Jon (who was on my left) apparently drew them all. And played them. Sigh. There was not much that I could do to save the game but I did tie for last place.

Disc Golf 05/03/2009

Waiting on crowds

The Worlds Biggest Disc Golf Weekend was on! Unfortunately, we didn’t go down to Twin Parks Country Club on Saturday. But we did make it to Zilker Park on Sunday. There were not huge crowds out there. But the course was certainly packed. We had to wait for most of the time that we played.

Hole 2

Both the North and the South courses were open. And I had some easy birdies.

We went at at lunch down at Wahoo’s and had some fish tacos. And we made it back up in time for the prize drawing. Not many people were present so we had some good odds. Unfortunately, Jon and I did not win anything.

It looks like some T’ai Chi-athon was going on at Zilker park as well.

Disc Golf 05/02/2009

Mutant flowering weeds
Course Map

We decided to try out a new course called Brushy Creek. It is located South-West from the corner of Parmer Lane and Brushy Creek Road. It is a new course and it is only 9 holes long. So we played it twice.

The were some mutant weeds that were in bloom. They were pretty with the bees buzzing around them.

Course pictures #1
Course pictures #2
Course pictures #3

For nine holes, the course is quite challenging. There is not much open areas — only tight alleys. There is a stream running around. And there is some height changes.

Also, the train tracks run on one side of the course. So we heard the Commuter train practice running back and forth.