Monthly Archives: June 2009

Black Beans + Cucumbers + Mangos + Orzo

Black bean salad

I got creative and made a salad. I limited it to just four ingredients. Black beans and mangos go together in a Caribbean way. Cucumber is another easy cold salad choice. And the last one was orzo. Which was a last minute change from couscous.

Sign fail

Sign fail

I wonder why they took up a parking space to install a sign warning drivers of pedestrians. Why couldn’t the sign have been installed right next to the side walk? Does five feet make a difference enough to block up an entire parking spot?

Lucky Cupcake

Lucky J's
Fried chicken and waffles

I went out on a limb and scheduled a Twitter meetup for lunch at a new place that I wanted to try. Three other people said they would go. But all three bailed out at the last moment. Only Jon, who I asked in real life, came with me.

This is a tiny trailer located on Burnet Road which serves only fried chicken and waffles.

Hey Cupcake!

For dessert, we walked down the street one block to Hey Cupcake! Which was good. For a little bit extra, you could inject a shot of whipped cream into the cupcake.

Disc Golf 06/05/2009

Jon long birdie

Jon and I went to Wilco for some afternoon disc golf. No birdies for me today. But Jon had a long one on hole 16 (the basket is in the shadows off in the distance).

Game Day 06/03/2009

Game #1


I have always wanted to try an 18XX game. However, I have yet to own one. They are quite rare and out of print or printed by limited production shops. I ordered 1886 over a year ago (13 months actually). The company which makes this game is run by a couple of people in their spare time as a labor of love. So very few copies are made per week. And it finally came my turn to print out my game. Which turned out to be quite nicely made.

We went over the rules and dived into game play. We didn’t play out the complete game because this is a long game (4+ hours?). But it was an interesting game. And I definitely want to try it out again.