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Fan lipsyncs over a webcam link via

Katamari Damacy hats link via

Because this [extraction] step is pretty messy, certain sources of DNA should not be used, such as: Your family pet link via

Hello Kitty crop circle link via

Hello Kitty 40K link via

The prototype design is a coat with warning strips of fur that become electro-statically charged in situations where the wearer feels threatened link via

Lego church link via

Satellite photo of the Gates link via

Japanese gravestones link via

The Fastest Die in the World (The central point and the center of gravity of this cube are almost the same with 99.99999999% of accuracy)link via

Threesome! link via

Digital Ink prototype link via

Katamari Damacy puppet link via

Miss McDonald link via

Jack Chalker is gone

I have learned that Jack L. Chalker has died. This is sad news. He was one of my favorite authors. The world will be a slightly worse place now.

This reminds me of when Issac Asimov died. Sigh. I must be getting old when my favorite Science Fiction authors are dying…


A bunch of artists bought thrift store art and modified it link via

Mc Nipple link via

Even Microsoft employees use iPods link via

Five years of fortune cookies link via

Superbowl ads link via

While some people may like to shoot at people, those people should not say it in public link via

Mappr is an interactive environment for exploring place, based on the photos people take. link via

The rapture index link via

English names for musical intervals link via

A student grades papers link

Fag link via

I, for one, welcome our ant masters link via

Soft wood burning stove link via

How to cut link via

Lego pod link via

Weird morning ritual


While I was sitting at the light at Parmer and Metric, I witnessed a strange ritual that was held in the empty field next to a McDonald’s. There was a group of 6 or so people that were standing in a small circle facing each other. They looked like they were doing some calisthenics. I imagine that they were holding some religious ritual that was possibly related to McDonald’s.

It is a shame that the camera quality is so pathetic on this phone. A short movie would have exposed this unexpected cabal.

A big step

I decided to take a big step. It is the second scariest moment of my life (the first being buying a new house). I have paid off my mortgage. The savings account was making a ridiculous rate so I thought I could at least not have to pay off interest on the house. This brings my savings down to an unconfortable level, at least for me anyways. And I don’t feel comfortable about my job security either. So, this year I will have to save big time! I am aiming for being able to live for two years of unemployment.

Yeah, I know I could have used that money to invest in something, but I have not have that good of luck with the stock market. I am much more concerned about security and reducing my monthly expenditures right now.

High Society

I played 6 games of High Society today during lunch and it was fun. They were quick, rapid fire, played in succession games. As we played each game, a “group mind-think” started to form on what certain items were worth and to not spend all of your low cards, and to mind “gaps” that form when money is gone from the game. Towards the end, we had all reserved our four highest cards and we were passing on later numbered items after spending all the we thought we could get away with. In the last game, a 2X doubler was completely passed on by everyone and then a final 2X doubler was passed on Mike and Dan. I had two money cards left in my hand. I needed to buy it to win so I spent my lowest cash card. Unfortunately, that moved me into a tie for the lowest remaining money and I lost the game! If I had only saved a 1 or 2 dollar cash card. I could have bought that doubler and won. Oh well, it was fun.


So, Mike Chapel tells me to search on this
global thermal nuclear war game
and look at the number 2 entry. I do. It was this:

Global ThermalNuclear Warfare – Filename, Title, Global ThermalNuclear Warfare.

Description, The simple game of global thermalnuclear war. – 12k –
Similar pages

This obviously was not what he was talking about. I asked him what he was talking about.
He said it moved further down and was now number 6. So I look at it. It was this:

IMG Review: Big Bang Chess

If I had to choose between a rousing game of Global Thermal Nuclear War, and

a nice game of chess, I’d take chess any day of the week. – 39k –
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That also was obviously not what he was talking about. So I ask him again, “Are you on drugs?-)”.
It turns out that I was using Firefox
and he was using Microsoft Internet Explorer.
So I try IE and I can see what he is talking about.


It seems that IE was showing me this:

And Firefox was showing me this:

This is on the same computer at around the same time. Two different browsers show two different results. Weird!