Disc Golf 02/17/2008

John and Jon at Pease

After two rainy and miserable days over the weekend, I just had to go outside when Sunday turned out to be beautiful. Jon and John were up for it and we decided to head down to Pease Park. It was unsurprisingly crowded. We had to wait in line for two groups to play hole one. And another group of people came behind us as we were waiting.

bag of ice

Look, how considerate! People left their garbage ice for us.

It seems that a low tech “cooler” is a bag of ice that they use to hold the beer. And it seems that these people left it hanging on a tree when they were done with it…

Lucky shot

Hole six is heavily wooded. Jon makes his throw. And I convince him that he should have used a pancake shot (a hammer thrown horizontal that skips on the ground). Well, I was perfectly right! That throw landed in the basket! He would have had a birdie if it counted…

darts at Opal Divines

We stopped for beer at Opal Divines and played some darts. Well, let me rephrase that. Others played darts and I just threw them… randomly.

Dart stuck in dart

Jon had an interesting throw. One dart stuck in the back of another one! And look at that dart board. Why are the numbers randomly upsidedown or flipped?