Game Day 03/20/2008

Game #1

Pillars of the Earth

Man, it has been a while since I have played Pillars of the Earth. And I don’t know why. It seems good enough. Although there is less fighting over resources with three people.

Game #2

Big Three

John introduced us to a three player climbing game called Big Three. There are more combinations than Tichu but no bombs. With sixteen cards, you have more flexibility in what you can play. The winner of an initial bid gets four extra cards and is playing against the other two people. If the winner goes out first, then the other two people give the winner the amount of points. Otherwise, if someone on the opposing team goes out first, then the winner gives both people the points in the bid.

When Jon called last hand, I was ahead of John by 5 points. So John had to make a three point bid and go out first. Fortunately, for myself, Jon and I were able to set him (and Jon did the right thing even though he was last with no hope of catching second place).