One of the simplest recipes that I know

Salmon Rice start

One of the simplest recipes that I know is for Salmon Rice. This was inspired by one of the dishes in IBM Japan’s cafeteria. To make it, I measure out a rice-maker cup of rice into the bowl and wash it out. Although, to be honest, you can skip that step if you want. I then fill up the bowl with water to the line marked “1”. I put in some salt (so that hopefully it will dissolve and soak into the grains) and some unfiltered nigori saki. I then put a piece of salmon on top of it and press the start button. The beauty of this method is that I do not have to defrost the fish. It is fully cooked by the time my Zojirushi fuzzy logic induction rice cooker is done.

Salmon Rice done

Just add cracked black pepper when it is done and eat.

Salmon Rice mixed

I am not a purist. I mix the rice up good…