Game Day 12/19/2008

Game #1

Steel Driver

With the holidays and all, another game day was in order. First up was Steel Driver. In this game, I tried a different strategy. Well, I tried two different things. I saved up my bid so that I could higher and therefore build longer on later turns. I also avoid trying to maximize my build score and focus on cheap routes, but longer term prospects. In the end, since I didn’t get two shares a round like everyone else, my score suffered. The number of shares really does matter. And it seemed that building tactically for maximal score was better than encouraging long term planning and cooperation. Which reduces my rating of this game slightly.

Game #2

Le Havre

Next up was Le Havre. This game is pretty Agricola-like and I struggle to find reasons to own the two. Le Havre’s problem is that the game exponentially bogs down as more and more new cards are added to the mix of available buildings.

In this game, Mike shipped (goods for money) four times and I only did that once. I believe that this was the difference in our scores. I was able to build two luxury liners to his one. But he still beat me in points.