New car problems

New car brake problems

Hrm, it seems that the new car is turning into a lemon on me. I am getting intermittent brake warning light problems. I wonder if the tolerances are loose or something. What is annoying is that, when the light is on, I cannot use the cruise control. And the turn indicator won’t go off automatically. Weird. I wonder if I should wait until it stays on longer before I bring it in?

2 thoughts on “New car problems

  1. willyumtx

    Brake issues are pretty scary and significant. I would get it checked out ASAP.
    I remember hearing that if the brake fluid pressure gets messed up it can cause loss of functionality. That would be bad on the freeway, n’est-ce pas?

  2. Mark Hamzy

    Yes. Mr. Car not stopping when you expect it to can be life threatening. I interpreted that warning to be part of the anti-lock system and not for the entire brake system. So, it can stop. Just not with repeated pulsing.
    But, you are right. I will call service and see what they think.

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