IH-35 hosed this morning

Paint spill

2 lanes of northbound traffic on IH-35 were shutdown this morning when someone crashed into a truck painting lane stripes. This caused severe paralysis. The onlookers going southbound brought that direction to a standstill as well.

I thought that I could just take surface streets south to 620 and past the problem. However, that proved problematic. My first mistake was taking Old Settlers road west. The only north/south road before IH-35 is Mays and that is only a couple of hundred feet away. Traffic was already backed up way before I could turn on Mays. Then there was construction on Mays and 79 that took away a couple of lanes. 79 going west was already stopped. And I missed the traffic light because people had blocked the intersection instead of waiting for the next light. Sigh. 620 was not that good either. But I finally made it to the highway and into work. Only 30 minutes late for my department meeting.

There is just no good solution for times like these. A fatal flaw in where I live, apparently.