Game Day 06/24/09

Game #1a
Game #1b


Ed and Susan brought over Steam to play. I am a huge Age of Steam fan and I have been reading up on Wallace’s changes to Age of Steam to turn it into Steam. Unfortunately, none of the changes sounded good online. But I had to at least try it once.

Essentially, all of the changes serve to dull the game from the brilliantly sharp edge that AoS has. I know why these changes were made. They certainly make the game more acceptable to the general public. But they remove the struggle to claw your way up first to profitability and then to dominance.

In this game, we pretty much stayed to our respective corners. I was able to successfully poach from Ed just before he was able to deliver goods a couple of times. Susan took a couple of 6 deliveries away from me. But my network was just too good and I had quite a lot of 6 and 5 lengthed deliveries.