Disc Golf 09/19/2009

hedge balls

We went down to Leander for some disc golf today. Man, with the recent rains, this place is overgrown! And the Hedge Balls were fruiting as well. Jon took some home for insect control.

overgrown field

It was hard to tell where the field is supposed to be and where the rough begins. It was all rough today.

In the water #1
Int the water #2

It was also rough when we threw our discs in the water. Which was in abundance today.


I did make one birdie today though.

Burger Central #1
Burger Central #2

We stopped by Burger Central for lunch afterwards. I was hopeful. The had pictures of what meat looks like when it is cooked rare and medium rare (as well as the other degrees). So I ordered a burger with blue cheese cooked “blue” (or rare). Unfortunately, it was cooked well done. And they forget the sweet potato fries as well. I guess the new waitress was partly to blame since she was having a meltdown. But I wouldn’t come back here to try it out again.