Freezing homemade lemonaid

Frozen lemonaid

When I made lemon/lime aid this time, I made enough for two servings. I froze half of juice for a later serving. Which worked out well.

I bought 12 lemons for 3.99 and 30 limes for 5.00. This turned into 56 ounces of juice. Which was perfect for two 28 ounce servings.

To make the lemon/lime aid, combine 28 ounces of juice with 56 ounces of water and 350 grams of agave nectar. This just fits within my plastic serving container.

HEB Lime Juice
HEB Lemon Juice

I checked on the prices for fresh squeezed juice in Central Market. They sell 16 ounces of lime juice for 3.49 and 16 ounces of lemon juice for 3.99. So it it certainly cheaper to do it myself. Plus, I don’t have to drive all the way down to Central Market. Too bad they don’t sell frozen juice concentrate without sugar in the grocery store.