Controlling your environment

work building at night

Well, this morning, I pulled a Jon. I woke up at 3:00 am when it started raining outside and the dripping water causes the metal gutters to make a racket. Since I was thirsty and my mouth was dry, I drank some water. I have noticed that doing that at night sometimes causes my digestive system to become active (“Hey, I’ve got water. Let’s process something!”). Now I can’t get back to sleep, so I decide to go to work instead.

As I drive in to work, I find it pretty convenient that I can dial into the building and turn on my floor’s lighting and cooling systems. When I arrive, I can find my office and everything is comfy. What is not so convenient is that you can only badge into the doors on one side of the building and the lights turn back off after a certain time.

One thought on “Controlling your environment

  1. beckerdo

    “When I arrive, I can find my office and everything is comfy.”
    It’s great to know you found your office. I was getting worried about the caliper of our employees. And the fact that you are comfortable means all is well with our work force. Salut komrade.

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