Kitchen #1

I went to Central Market’s cooking school
tonight to learn how to make gumbo. This is a hands on class that has 16 people
in it. They are divided up into four teams that will make: seafood gumbo, chicken
gumbo, duck gumbo, and venison gumbo. I was on the team that made the venison
gumbo. We cut the vegtables and followed the recipie, but due to time constraints
the roux (4 different stages: blonde, peanut butter, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate)
and the marinated meat were already prepared.

Venison gumbo

And this is the result! I think that this class is well worth taking. You definately
eat a lot of food. We started out the night with spicy shrimp in remoulade sauce.
They served Louisiana beer and played Cajun music. We then cooked and ate the four
gumbos. After that, we topped it off with
Blue Bell Mardi Gras
ice cream and a cookie.