HDR San Gabriel River

When I went to Georgetown to take a panorama, I ran into trouble. I placed my tripod here. Which was on the sidewalk of a bridge overlooking a small river and right next to a public park. As I was waiting for the sun to set, I notice something odd. A man was standing under one of the trees and was looking in my direction. He waited for a while and then finally left. I thought he was looking at birds or something. But then a teenager walks down the sidewalk and starts confronting me. He claims that I was taking pictures of his house. I didn’t even notice the trailer off in the distance before. I didn’t bother educating him that my camera’s lens was not powerful enough to resolve his barely visible trailer., which was not even where I was pointing the camera towards. I just calmly listened to him and then told him that I was on public land and he could just sod off.