Austin Photowalk

paparazzi shoot

I went to the downtown Austin gathering of the world wide photowalk. But I was rather disappointed in it. The leader said a few words and then everyone went their own separate way. I could go downtown anytime to take some photos. And this is how it felt. I decided to take my 45mm tilt-shift lens with me.

But before we wandered off, someone got a group of people together to simulate paparazzi.

fountain #1
fountain #2

The lens is a manually focused and is hard to get 100% sure that focus is exactly where you want it. I tried using the video screen with limited success. It was usually a little bit off.

oak tree

I only used the tilting feature of the focus plane. It has an interesting effect in directing the eye.


I didn’t go for the miniature effect either.

horse and buggy

This cab driver was rather fond of her horse. And did not mind posing for photos.


I would have liked the moon to be a bit more over to the right. And for it to be within the focus plane.

street crowds

Another picture just a little bit off. Hopefully, I wasn’t too intimidating on the street.


I liked this one.

frosty transformer

And this one as well. I didn’t notice how the Frost Bank building looks like a transformer.