Chocolate bars

For some reason, my local H.E.B. doesn’t carry a good selection of dark chocolate bars. I don’t know why that is. Isn’t there anyone else around here who likes more than three choices? So I drove down to H.E.B.’s Central Market. I bought a selection of 9 different kinds of flavored dark chocolate bars for $58.36. That is 27.5 ounces of chocolate at an average of $2.12 per ounce. Which is pretty expensive. I guess that just answers my question. People around here don’t want to pay that much for candy. The Chipotle and Oaxaca were the best of the bunch. But that’s nothing new. Chocolate pairs well with spicy peppers. I didn’t like the bacon bar (too gimmicky and flavorless). Or the black salt caramel bar (the caramel was too liquid). The Black Pearl and Naga were not strong enough flavor-wise. The strawberry and mint were okay.