Volunteering at Jester King day #2

I volunteered at Jester King again. Read on, if you are interested…

Today, Jester King said there was labeling going on. However, when I arrived they started me working on cutting the stems off strawberries. All two hundred pounds of them. Hey, at least I had some help and I got to eat the strawberries (and drank beer) while I worked. They were really tasty! After we cut them up, an employee dumped them into a large barrel and then poured a barrel aged Das √úberkind Organic Vieille Saison on them. I wonder how the final product will taste.

After that, I helped out with labeling. Essentially, we unloaded a palette of cases of beer, took them out of their cases, put a label on them, put a sticker on them, boxed them up back in a case, and then put them on a palette.

It wasn’t hard work. Just slow. I helped out with two palettes (Mad Meg and Le Petit Prince). They had already finished a palette of Black Metal Farmhouse Imperial Stout.

There was no dinner this time. And there was less beer to take home afterward. But I was able to grab a case of 1/2 MM and 1/2 BMS. So, score!