Game Day 06/16/2005

Game #1

Easy Come Easy Go

Not everyone showed up on time (must work on that), so we started with this light Knizia dice game. It must have been my night for dice tonight since I won both games.

Game #2


Finally, Ed and Susan showed up from South Oklahoma and we picked Razzia as a short filler game to play until work-a-holic Jon showed up.

Unfortunately, I did not realize that the seating position was critical. Adam was on my right and he kept calling Razzia which nullified my low numbers. And I taught Susan, all to well, the power of calling Razzia rather than drawing another card for someone else to purchase. Sadly, Ed could not find any protection for his boss during this game.

Game #3

In The Shadow Of The Emperor

For the final game of the night, we played in the Shadow of the Emperor. I wanted to try this game out before buying it.

This game has some unique mechanisms to it. The number of cards that you play determines the sex of the child that you receive. With more blues than pink, you get a 15 year old boy. Otherwise you get a girl which you can either marry off to a single man (turns into a 2 power couple) or sell off to the nunnery. Your control tokens also age during the game and die off when they go past 45 years old. Ed made the mistake of moving a 45 year old couple in to compete in my area which I promptly killed off!