So here I am sitting on McNeil and waiting for the light at Parmer to change. I am deep in my own little world; so much so, that I am not even looking at the red light and waiting for it to change into green. Then I hear a dull bang and I look up to see two cars spinning out of control.

The first thing that I do is get my phone out and start to dial 911. But as I am about to hit send, I look up and see many people outside of their cars and on cell phones. I figure the odds are good that one of them is already handling it. So I turn off the engine and go out side. One vehicle has flipped over and is on Parmer south of McNeil. The other has actually driven up a guy wire for a telephone pole and is dangling on it. I go to that vehicle to see if I can help but there are already people there. Two people are in the vehicle and both are unconscious and leaning on the dashboard. The police arrive immediately (in less than a minute).

I am not in the mood to stand and gawk and I didn’t see the start of the accident so I get back in my truck and carefully drive through the glass and car parts.

This was obviously a T-bone collision where one car was at least travelling 55 MPH (people normally drive at least 65).

This just screams out to the mortality of life, how instantaneously it can end, and how freaking unsafe my vehicle can be…

I hope everyone was alright. Thank god for helpful bystanders.