Game Day 11/17/2005

Game #1


Yay, another game of Mu was played! There seems to be hope for this gaming group after all. Both Ed and Mike, who are avid anti-muers were not here tonight. I think Doug is starting to get more of a feel for the game.

Game #2

Euphrat & Tigris

Since Marty was here, he suggested that we play E&T again. And I tried a different strategy when my tiles consisted of 5 blue. I created an external conflict that won in blue but lost in black and red just to get those tiles out of my hand. Later in the game I was limited by black tiles and could not draw any.

Game #3


Ahhh, Tichu, the perfect compliment to Mu. I started the game off well by making my Tichu call. However our luck changed for the worst. On my first Grand Tichu call, I had 3 aces and was passed the mahjong so I wished for the remaining ace. I made that GT call. And on my next GT call, I once again had 3 aces, was passed the mahjong, and called out the remaining ace. I didn’t make that call unfortunately and we lost the game.

Game #4


And for the last game of the night, Adam suggested 99. This is yet another trick taking card game. But this one is designed for three players (not many are). I had played this game once, long ago and made a couple of mistakes (like not knowing that there was a trump suit). But still fun, and is a game I would play again.