Game Day 11/25/2005


I actually started out the day by going to the mad house that is known as Fry’s after Thanksgiving sale. And wow was it packed both inside and outside. The line was twice as long as normal but it actually went quicker than usual since they had 60+? registers open.

Game #1

Lucca Citta

Ed made us play another one of his free games again. Actually, I should feel lucky. Since I won’t be buying it for myself.

Mission: Planete Rouge

The next game that we played was one that I wanted to play. The new Faidutti game. And true to Faidutti design, there is a lot of chaos in it. Enough to give me the feeling that playing the game was essentially random. Sure, there is some strategy for you to consider. It is an area control game. But a lot of things can happen to those meeples. You start off by selecting one of nine “characters” that have special powers (shades of Citadels). Some of the choices by your opponents can cause chaos. For example, Ed was forced to blow up the ship that only contained his meeples. And there are other chaotic factors. You can draw cards during the game that are bonus cards for you or will modify the gameboard at the end scoring. You place the later group of cards face down under the playing board. So they will be a complete surprise to your opponents.

Game #3

Elasund: The First City of Catan

Dan finally showed up for a game day! And after much heclking, we sat down to play Elasund. In this game, the dice hated me and loved Dan (rolling many fives for two gold cards for himself and nothing for us). Surprisingly enough, Susan won this game. I thought that she was second place in the dice love.

Game #4

Lost Valley

To end out the night, I suggested Lost Valley. It has been too long since I have played this game. It is a game I should play more often. Towards the end of the game, I wanted to go mining for mountain gold, but was unable to draw a forrest tile to place next to the sites for necessary timber. So I was reduced to getting lower valued river gold and stealing mountain gold from other players. Surprisingly enough, I was able to win the game.