Saw X-Men United

Saw X-Men United (reviews) yesterday and I liked it. Watching Mystique was worth the price of admission alone. She did a lot more during this more and was daring and confident. The perfect spy. And she was not the only one that was improved in this movie.

Wolverine was more dark and intense although I wonder why he gets so much focus in these movies. Magneto had a cool prison break out scene. Of course, it wasn’t perfect. Why was there liquid admantium sitting around in the base? Why did Jean Gray have to leave the plane to save it and why couldn’t Nightcrawler teleport her away at the last instant? And speaking of Nightcrawler, he makes a big deal about not being able to teleport somewhere without being able to see the destination but he does that all during the White House assassination attempt. Cyclops was still a dud in this movie. I also wonder how Jean Gray was able to stop his mind control. I didn’t like how they made the prison guard to be an evil person. It would have been better in my opinion if they made his character just doing his job. It would have made the mutants darker.