Saw the matrix

I saw the Matrix: Reloaded. I liked it, just not as much as the first movie. Spoliers follow:

The special effects in the burly brawl were incredible, but the reason for it was not (Agent Smith can replicate, they fight, but Neo just flies away). The other action scene, the highway chase, was cool. Trinity driving a motorcycle against traffic and Morpheus with a Samurai sword against an SUV.

Now, trying to understand the underlying story was harder. We learn that the Oracle is a program. Her main point is that the choice is already made and Neo only has to figure out why he made it. Merovingian’s point is that everything is about causality and understanding the why of something.

At the end of the movie, we learn that this is a feedback loop where “the one” gets to the end and starts over with new information to reduce anomalies. Neo is the sixth “one.” My question was what was going on in the room with the Architect? We see many TV screens with different Neos. In fact, we move from the current room through a TV screen to another room twice. Are these other rooms infinite permutations of what could happen or are they infinite parallel worlds?

We also learn that Neo can interface with the Matrix directly (and might be connected to Agent Smith. Which if he is, then might be connected to Trinity now). He can see dreams of the future (until a crucial choice). He can sense when agents are comming. And, at the end, he can apparently effect the real world. Does this mean that the real world is really another level of the Matrix? Of course, two levels of simulation can imply an infinite amount of levels of reality. Will the third move stop at two or can they never escape the Matrix?

Apparently, there are 24 hours left. Now, what to do in 24 hours… Jump to TV and have 24 “real time” shows in one hour blocks!