Disc Golf 01/29/2006

Trouble #1

Another day for disc golf and this time at the Lutherin Church. This time I came an hour early to practice after eating at Marsala Wok. We still had problems with trees. Here Jon retreives John’s disc. Unfortunately, Jon would later throw a shot that went really high in a tree. And it was also unrecoverable since there were too many thorny vines to allow Jon to climb the tree.

Good Shot #1
Good Shot #2

However the day was not all bad. For the first round, the teams were tied. John and Rehana versus Adam, Jon, and myself. So we went another round with the same trees. This time, at a long putt to hole 7, I was able to sink it. And then on hole 9, John was not able to sink a long putt to tie the game and I was able to sink our putt for the win!. For the third round, I had some nice throws for holes 2 and 3. They landed close enough to putt for a birdie.