Disc Golf 04/21/2006

far away from the hole

Another day of disc golf at Old Settlers park. And I’m off at the start. John’s second throw is touching the goal and I am a distance aways…


The day was hot and humid. Hot because it is Texas and Spring time. And humid because it rained a lot yesterday. So much so that a small stream was flowing where there would normally be nothing.

Hole 11

I finally got around to tracking down the extra hole. You see, after hole 10, we cross the road and throw from to rocks that are spray-painted red. And then continue to the basket. We have always assumed that this was hole 11, but it was closed when construction for the water park had started. So we have a bonus hole now.

old hole 11

See? The old basket is there… Tricksies, that one is… It decieves us, it does….

bottle time

And on the real hole 11, my brand new TeeRex was stuck in a tree. Unfortunately, we did not have tree-climbing Jon with us. So we resorted to throwing water bottles at it. Fortunately, John was a good shot.


And while we were in an exploring mood, we wandered down the other side of the dike that we throw discs off across the water. We heard running water and wondered what it was. Apparently, the big drain like contraption sitting in the middle of the lake drains through the dike over to the other side. Too bad lost discs were not strewn across the river. Sadly there is some gate that keeps stuff like that from happening.