Camera quandry

I realize that the camera in my phone sucks. But it is just so convienient. I carry my phone around with me so therefore I also have a camera around. I have been looking at small pocket cameras though and thinking. I like the new
Sony DSC-T30. It seems like it would be a good camera. The going price for it is around $400. But it would be another thing to carry around and keep charged. Also, it would require a different memory card than the CF cards I have. Why do manufacturers have to keep creating new memory card formats? Gah! A 4GB Ultra II Memory Stick Pro Duo would cost $190.

Thats $600. The other side of the equation is would be to buy some good glass for my Canon EOS 20D. I would get general Canon compatible lenses and not ones specifically designed for to 20D (those would limit my options to a few cameras). I am currently considering:

Those lenses would replace the EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM lens that I have. They would give me a couple more F/stops for better lower light handling. It is a shame that there is not a 16-24mm f/2.8L lens. And I would loose Image Stabilization on the 24-70.

Decisions, decisions… Oh, and I will eventually replace my camera phone with a N-80 or a N-93.

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