Disc Golf 06/24/2006

Lost night disc

Well it rained again this morning. What is going on with the weather? It is supposed to be hot and dry by now with a month of no rain. But instead it is raining and messing up our plans. Once again I wasn’t gonna the weather rain on my parade, or at least my day out side. Previous die hard Jon joined my along with new die hard John.

I found this disc right out in the open. When I flipped it over, I found this. Apparently someone was playing a game of disc golf at night. The disc landed on the other side and the light was covered. Seems like a flawed design with a 50% chance of working.

New stream

The rain had stopped by the time we got out to the course. The only thing that we had to deal with was a flooded plain. This stream ran pretty much along the entire open area. It was too wide to cross without getting my feet wet, so I just gave up and sloshed away. Fortunately, I had a set of dry socks and sneakers in the truck. Along with a towel.

One thought on “Disc Golf 06/24/2006

  1. martang

    heh, most of the ones I’ve seen with lights have them along the edge so you can see them from any side (and the edge is transparent at that point).

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