Two for biking

Adolf's party

I wonder how popular the first name of Adolf is. Shouldn’t that name be banned?

I got my bike back from Buck’s Bikes. They replaced both tires (not easily removable) and fixed the gearing. So I took it out this morning. And today’s ride seemed to involve a lot of twos…

Riding up 1460 at 7:30, I came across two men walking southward. However, they were in the middle of the road! One of them was even walking on the yellow dividing line. And with the rising sun, I am sure that it would give drivers less notice when they came across them. There are no houses out here and I didn’t see any disabled vehicles. So I wonder what they were doing…

Next, I saw two birds flying. One was a large preditor like a hawk or a falcon. And the other was a much tinnier bird that was dive bombing the hawk. When the hawk stopped on a power pole, the little bird would keep it up. The hawk would move off and try again. I was wondering why the hawk didn’t just get pissed off and just attack back and kill that bird.

Back on 1460, there was a house that I wanted to take a picture of. It was an old farmhouse. What was interesting about it were the two trees that the house was squeezed between. The one on the right was almost touching the side of the house. And on the left, a bit of the roof was actually cut out for the tree. Talk about poor planning. Sadly, the house was recently demolished for what looks like a new road.

Turning on Chandler, there were two large turtles in the middle of the road. I doubt that the turtles knew that they were in danger of getting run over by the speeding traffic on this windy (curvy) hill. So I stopped and picked them up and moved them off the road (I didn’t think that they could get up over the curb themselves). They hissed at me to thank me.

The bike feels faster for me. Instead of taking one hour and thirty five minutes to bike 25 kilometers, it took me an hour and seventeen minutes. I’m racing now…

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  1. beckerdo

    It’s just one data point, but my Dad’s name is Adolf. I don’t think it should be banned.

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