Disc Golf 10/28/2006

Interesting plane

We went to Old Settler’s Park for some disc golf today. I noticed that there was a propeller driven plane slowly flying around. I wonder what it was. My neighbor saw it as well and guessed that it was a B-17. I saw it on Sunday also. Too bad I didn’t have my 70-200 lens on hand…


It was the second time playing the “winter course” variant. I like the new holes. But the whole course is not only comprised of new holes. It uses the original holes. Plus, we don’t do 18 holes. So I think we need to come up with a new course. How about teeing off from the previous hole to the next hole’s goal?

die Mauer

die Mauer

We went to Chuy’s for lunch. And while we were there, we played a game of die Mauer. It was a bluffing/guessing game. Everyone simultaneously reveals one of seven pieces. If someone else guesses your piece, they get to build. Otherwise you do. An empty fist will place any piece (however, if more than two empty hands are revealed, then no one builds).