Free Janet’s boobie link

Unmanned drones used to be used for surveillance. They have been upgraded with missles and now will now be able to drop laser guided bombs link

Reason magazine will put out next month’s magazine with customized covers of a satellite photo of the subscriber’s neighborhood with the subscriber’s house circled link

A sake marinade helps form wooden speaker cones link

Computer bag manufacturer insults the president in French on the laundry tag link

At the spacecraft’s heart are four pingpong-sized balls of quartz, the most perfect spheres ever made. To ensure accuracy, the balls must be kept chilled to near absolute zero, in the vacuum of the largest thermos ever flown in space, and isolated from any disturbances in the quietest environment ever produced link

Woman spotted yesterday reading today’s paper link

Paparazzi would love this foto-sniper camera link

Woven LEDs make flexible signs link

“little pillows from Heaven” could potentially turn your kitchen into a more hellish tinderbox link

Snow and ice festival in China link

Long John Silver’s offered free shrimp to America if NASA found water on Mars. On May 10th, it will pay up link

Office prank link

525 reasons to dump Bush link

How to make a polished mud ball link

How to homebrew sake link

StreetWriter is a modified cargo van, capable of printing messages on to the pavement while driving link

Put the constitution on the back of a 1 dollar bill link

Its hard to get fired from Jack in the Box link

According to FDA, Alcohol Powder can be labeled as a “natural flavor” link

The last meal on the Titanic was a 10 course meal link

You can cook food in your dishwasher by the way link

Monster truck ministries link

Yes, your children can paint with maggots link

Jeep with anime influences link

The music industry could learn some things from a street busker link