Pizza quintux

Pizza for dinner

Tried another pizza tonight. But I still have yet to achieve a qualified success. I like my sauce, the toppings, and how it cooks, but I do not like the dough. I think that there is a basic failure somewhere.

Pizza slice

I don’t think that it was elastic enough to rise properly on the stone. At that point in the cooking process, the yeast has done its thing and now it is steam’s turn to blow that balloon up. Which it didn’t because the dough was too tough.

Farina flour

Of course I was side tracked because I tried a different type of flour. An Italian flour called “Belaria: Farina di grano tenero tipo ‘OO'”. I don’t think I am ready to experiment with different flours. It is cool that Central Market offers different types of flours that are not readily available. But I shouldn’t be distracted at this point.

windowpane test

So, this time, I went back to King Arthur bread flour. I used a packet of yeast to supplement the sourdough culture (my culture seems to be rather laid back). And I performed a “window pane” test on the dough. Which it seemed to pass.

I shall see how it turns out in less than a week.