Game Day 04/25/2007

Game #1


Wow, it been a while since I have played this game. It was initially hot. And was played quite a bit. But new games have pushed this one off of the radar. So it was nice to play it again. And I was a little rusty. I mistimed when two of the later rounds would finish. So I couldn’t build as much as I had planned. Which cost me second place. However, it was still a good game.


With only three players who like to play Mu, it is hard to get a five player game of this going. Usually, we have to cajole, threaten, mock, brow-beat, or otherwise forcibly convince other people to play it. And it is sad that, after playing games with us, they still do not see the kernel of greatness that lies within this game.


Sadly, memories of this game are mostly lost to the mists of time. On Adam’s set Tichu, an Ace bomb of his did not help him when faced with Doug’s King bomb.

04/25/2007 The scorecard for a game of Tichu

GT or T bet made or lost

This team scored more points than the other or one twoed

GT/T Team #1 GT/T GT/T Team #2 GT/T
MarkH & AdamR DougG & Jon
  200     0  
  200     200  
  200   T+ 500  
GT+   485  
  T+ 605  
T+ T- 580  
    400 GT-
  920   T+
  835 T-  
  1135 T+   665  


Every one bugged out early, so I played a two player game with Adam. I like this game. It is part Carcasonne and part Go.